Members’ June walk: Hafan Incline and the old mines

June's walk, led by Andrew Williams on Sunday 9th, visits the Hafan Incline and Hafan lead mine site…
22 May, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

Members’ walk 19 May: the wide open skies of Ceredigion

Our next Members' walk will start on the Tregaron end of the Tregaron-Abergwesyn road, and take in…
29 April, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

Up above the Elan Valley


Eight of us plus Ben the Cavalier spaniel enjoyed a much welcome break from the unsettled…
27 April, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

Biodiversity and environmental governance

What's happening?
The Welsh Government is consulting until 30 April 2024 on a proposal to introduce…
12 April, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

The Monks Trod saga continues

Although Councillor Charlton has replied at length to many people who have written in to object to…
9 April, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

Cwmsymlog in the springtime

Despite the inclement forecast which proved to be rather inaccurate, there was an excellent turnout…
29 March, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

CMS Responds to the Sustainable Farming Scheme

Upland farming is tough work, and its no surprise that the number of farmers still dedicated to working…
6 March, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

Lichens, mosses and liverworts: Cambrian experts

4 March, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

A country of memorable poets!


We were delighted with the response to our poetry competition, and delighted once again…
4 March, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

CMS Students?

We took our stall to the Aberystwyth University Student Volunteering Fayre last week, hoping to capture…
19 February, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

Paving the Monks’ Trod? Surely not!

We've been following the agonisingly slow deliberations of Powys County Council with respect to what…
5 February, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

Powys Development Plan Survey – have your say

Powys County Council is consulting over its draft Replacement Local Development Plan. By and large…
21 January, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

Lichen hunt 13 January 2024

Beware of what you wish for, they say: - we wished for dry weather for our lichen outing and we've…
9 January, 2024/by Lorna Brazell

Calling birders – a plea for more records

At our AGM, Mick Green gave an excellent presentation on the state of birdlife in the Cambrian Mountains. …
10 November, 2023/by Lorna Brazell

Heat Strategy consultation response

Members who attended the Society's AGM last month contributed to an excellent, constructive debate around…
9 November, 2023/by Lorna Brazell

November in the Land of Lead


The final members' walk for 2023 will be on Saturday 4th November, visiting mines in the…
11 October, 2023/by Lorna Brazell
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