Posters are going up around Wales to spread the word – if you know a good place to put one, in English, Welsh or both, let us know ( and we can put them in the post – and we’ve had some positive reporting in the press for our campaign, but there’s still much more to do.

So far, we’ve passed 2380 signatures (total – including enthusiasts from as far afield as Australia, Finland, Israel and New Zealand, though sadly these will not ‘count’ as far as the Senedd is concerned) and are very close to 2000 Welsh signatures on our petition – and that’s only the number who’ve signed online. We’re gathering paper signatures as well – let us know if you would like a Petition form, to offer your Welsh friends and guests over the summer months (

To get to 10,000, we’re reaching out to friendly organisations like Welsh Cycling and the Ramblers, who support the campaign. And we’ll also be collecting signatures at the Royal Welsh Show, so if you are attending do swing by to say hello!