Here’s the link to the recording of our AONB webinar – well, most of it.  Purely by human error the recording was not started for about the first 10 minutes, during which Phil Holden explained:

  • the background of the designated landscapes movement from John Muir’s fight to save the giant redwoods of Yosemite in the 1890s to the UK’s Hobhouse Report in 1947 and other, international landscape designations;
  • the legislation which underpins AONBs;
  • the geography of the Shropshire Hills AONB of which he is Partnership Manager; and
  • the principles and function of AONB Management Plans, with specifics of the Shropshire Hills Management Plan as an example; and
  • and introductory look at how AONB status interacts with planning decisions of the local authorities.

Fortunately, Phil has been kind enough to give us his slides as well so if you want to look through the part that is missing from the recording you can find them here: Phil Holden AONB talk to CMS 2 Aug 22

This webinar was an essential addition to our AONB campaign and, as we continue to try to build a consensus to support a Cambrian Mountains AONB, we are very interested to hear questions and feedback from all interested parties. Phil is happy to answer follow-up questions on the mechanics and other topics covered in his webinar.  Please let us know your views, by email to