The Designated Landscapes Report, commissioned by Welsh Government and delivered in October, supported AONBs and National Parks as designations fit for the future protection and enhancement of the most important landscapes in Wales.

The Cambrian Mountains landscape is undeniably special. This has been repeated many times over the last 80 years.

  • 1936 Sir George Stapledon calls for a Plynlimon National Park
  • 1947 Hobhouse Report – which ushered in today’s National Parks and AONBs – supports designation
  • 1972 Countryside Commission designates Cambrian Mountains National Park but is thwarted by politicians
  • 1986 Cambrian Mountains one of the first Environmentally Sensitive Areas in Wales
  • 1990 Countryside Commission confirms Cambrian Mountains as one of the UK’s nationally important landscapes
  • 2007 Welsh Government LANDMAP data confirms UK national importance of the Cambrian Mountains landscape

The countryside is under pressure as never before, and unprotected areas are prime targets for delevopment. Without protection, the landscape of the Cambrian Mountains will suffer inevitable gradual piecemeal degradation, and we shall awake one day to find that its special qualities have been fragmented and lost.

The Cambrian Mountains Society demands AONB designation NOW, and urges its members, and all who value this unique landscape, to support its campaign, and to press the Welsh Government finally to recognise the need for designation. Please send a representation to the First Minister, Carwyn Jones; or at Welsh Government, 5th Floor, Ty Hywel, Cardiff Bay, CF99  1NA