Royal Welsh visitors

Baking heat kept the crowds down for the first two day, but CMS was on the Showground all four days of the Show (special thanks to volunteers Angela, Ben, Chris, Dic and Neal) buttonholing passers-by to tell them about the Society and the AONB Petition.  By the end of the week we had added another ~850 signatures to those online (currently at over 2,600) and those already being collected on paper at various points around Wales. So we are now definitely over 3,500 and quite possibly around 4,000 once all the paper forms are gathered in.

The next Big Push will be the National Eisteddfod, starting on Saturday 30 July in Tregaron on the western flank of the Cambrians.  Look out for us there and drop by to say Shwmae.  And if you know anyone who’s going and who hasn’t signed online yet, point them our way: we’ve still got 6,000 signatures to find.