pexels andrea piacquadio 3791664Following hectic weeks at the Royal Welsh Show and then the National Eisteddfod, we’ve picked up several thousand signatures on paper – and the buzz seems to be spreading, as the number of people who’ve signed online has now passed the 3,000 mark as well.  Over 2,500 of them are from people living in Wales, so the message that Welsh signatures is what we need seems to be getting through, with a good bit of press coverage for the campaign in various Welsh papers on- and offline.

But we’ve still got over two months to go to reach that crucial 10,000 signatures, and it takes more than one mention to get anyone actually to reach for their keyboard.  Don’t forget to remind your friends, family and colleagues in Wales to sign too, at Protect Mid-Wales’ unique Cambrian Mountains: designate them an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – Petitions (