One question we repeatedly hear when we ask people to sign our Petition (Protect Mid-Wales’ unique Cambrian Mountains: designate them an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – Petitions ( seeking a debate on Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty status for our Outstandingly Naturally Beautiful Mountains is,

“what exactly is an AONB and how would it affect the management of the area and the people who live, work and visit here?”

So we’ve arranged for an expert to give a webinar on 2 August 2022 explaining how it works – not in the Cambrians, since we aren’t there yet, but in the similar region of the Shropshire Hills just across the border in England, which have been a designated AONB since 1968.

J7LECKQK35C5HCW5HFMIIK37T4 Phil Holden has been the Manager of the AONB Partnership in the Shropshire Hills for the last 17 years. He will discuss:

  • the AONB Management Plan;
  • what exactly an AONB partnership is and how AONB partnerships work;
  • who is involved in setting the agenda and making decisions;
  • how does the AONB designation affect the planning system; and,
  • last but perhaps most importantly of all, what sort of projects an AONB team can deliver for the area.

Tickets are free and are available now from Eventbrite at Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty status: how does it work? Tickets, Tue, Aug 2, 2022 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite

Hope to see you there!