At our AGM, Mick Green gave an excellent presentation on the state of birdlife in the Cambrian Mountains.  Excellent, that is, as to what is known.  But in fact the evidence is far from detailed: even though the birds are surely a major part of the draw to these wonderful hills, which inclde a number of SSSI designations specifically aimed at protecting them.  There just aren’t enough people sending in reports of the birds they see in and around the uplands.

Wood warblerIn part that may be because many people lack confidence in identification; and even some who are confident, may not know about the system of bird recording.  So here’s a plea to everyone out and about who catches sight of birds (whether spectacular like the Merlin above, or less easy to spot like this Wood Warbler).

Please do make a note and, if possible, get a photograph and send them in:

If you are happy using an App then you can record as you go, and keep your own list using the  BTO Birdtrack app –

There are volunteer ‘County Recorders’ for each County. These can be found via

There are also Local Biodiversity Records Centres. The two covering the Cambrian Mountains are:  BIS for Powys and WWBIC for Ceredigion and Carmarthen –

For more information on the birds you can hope to see, take a look at our Birdwatching section on the Activities page.  We hope you enjoy exploring the birdlife of the Cambrian Mountains, and thank you for any records so we can help maintain these important populations.