Student Fayre
We took our stall to the Aberystwyth University Student Volunteering Fayre last week, hoping to capture some youthful energy and enthusiasm.   It was smaller than the autumn Freshers’ Fayre so we were able to have a higher profile among the various stalls and as usual our pictures did attract a lot of attention.  Despite the fact the University is almost within sight of the Cambrians we were not surprised to learn that some of the students – like, no doubt, many others living and working in Mid-Wales – had no idea where the Cambrians are so it was a good opportunity for us to tell them about the Society and what we stand for.   Interestingly, many thought we were already a Designated Landscape, a misconception we have come across before.  We did our best to explain the complexities of the issue, as well as our other policies.

Many thanks to Trustee Dwynwen and Members Vivien and David, for their help and enthusiasm in representing the Society.   In a world with so much information being broadcast to everyone all the time, personal interactions like these are all the more important in making sure we are heard.