We’ve been following the agonisingly slow deliberations of Powys County Council with respect to what to do with the iconic medieval trackway from Abbeycwmhir to Strata Florida Abbey, for some years.  And some of us really thought that having put a Traffic Restraining Order on it in 2023 they were moving towards a permanent ban, to minimise the damage motorised vehicles, even trail bikes, are doing to this ancient monument and the surrounding fragile peatlands.  But it seems we were wrong: the Council are, once again, proposing to add a surface to improve accessibility for trail bikes – and to use UK Levelling Up funds, which are intended to improve local transport links for residents, to do it.

We’ve written a stiff letter of protest which you can find here.  But this is certainly one for the court of public opinion: if you agree that the Trod should remain for the use of walkers and users of non-motorised forms of transport, thereby helping to preserve the essential tranquillity of the Elenydd for humans and wildlife alike, then please let the Councillors know.  The people to write to are Cllr Charlton, whose email address is given in our letter, and, if you live in Powys, then your own County Councillor whoever they may be.

Let us know if you get a response – this is one we’re not going to lie down on!