Biodiversity and environmental governance

What’s happening? The Welsh Government is consulting until 30 April 2024 on a proposal to introduce a set of environmental principles and biodiversity targets into Welsh law.  These would impose duties on Welsh Ministers and, potentially, some public authorities in Wales, to consider environmental impacts in formulating and implementing policy.  Their success or otherwise in […]

The Monks Trod saga continues

Although Councillor Charlton has replied at length to many people who have written in to object to the proposed works on the Trod, we seem to have got lost in the furore.  So we’ve written again, addressing the reasons others have been given about the necessity for this course of action.  You can read our […]

Cwmsymlog in the springtime

Despite the inclement forecast which proved to be rather inaccurate, there was an excellent turnout for the first CMS walk of 2024 led by the Belsey partnership who lived in this beautiful valley for 34 years and so were able to provide us all with some interesting information on the history of lead and silver […]

CMS Responds to the Sustainable Farming Scheme

Upland farming is tough work, and its no surprise that the number of farmers still dedicated to working in these less favourable environments has declined over the years.  But the Cambrian Mountains as we know them today are essentially a farmed landscape and the paths and tracks criss-crossing them have been laid down by the […]

Lichens, mosses and liverworts: Cambrian experts

CMS Students?

We took our stall to the Aberystwyth University Student Volunteering Fayre last week, hoping to capture some youthful energy and enthusiasm.   It was smaller than the autumn Freshers’ Fayre so we were able to have a higher profile among the various stalls and as usual our pictures did attract a lot of attention.  Despite the […]

Poetry and the uplands

Our 2023 poetry competition concludes with a prize giving, poetry readings and panel discussion with two of the judges on 2 March 2024. You can see the full results here. The judges said “Some strong themes emerged from the poems – love, loss, grief, belonging, language and the passing of time. Some captured the landscape […]

Paving the Monks’ Trod? Surely not!

We’ve been following the agonisingly slow deliberations of Powys County Council with respect to what to do with the iconic medieval trackway from Abbeycwmhir to Strata Florida Abbey, for some years.  And some of us really thought that having put a Traffic Restraining Order on it in 2023 they were moving towards a permanent ban, […]

Powys Development Plan Survey – have your say

Powys County Council is consulting over its draft Replacement Local Development Plan. By and large the Plan is encouraging in its foregrounding of climate and nature resilience issues, but we still felt there was an opportunity to be more ambitious. Accordingly, we have responded as shown below. The survey is open to all to respond […]