Lichen hunt 13 January 2024

Beware of what you wish for, they say: – we wished for dry weather for our lichen outing and we’ve got it, but with a high likelihood of considerable cold too. We’ll meet with the team from Welsh Lichens on Saturday 13th January at 10 am. Share cars where possible as there are limited parking […]

Poetry competition now closed

  The 2023 Cambrian Mountains Poetry competition is now closed, and the judges grappling with the 127 poems which were submitted.  We are delighted with the calibre of entries – and with how far news of our competition travelled. Multiple entries came in from the Antipodes as well as the USA and our European neighbours […]

Calling birders – a plea for more records

At our AGM, Mick Green gave an excellent presentation on the state of birdlife in the Cambrian Mountains.  Excellent, that is, as to what is known.  But in fact the evidence is far from detailed: even though the birds are surely a major part of the draw to these wonderful hills, which inclde a number […]

September walk: Llyn Carw and the Rhiwnant mines

September’s walk will be on Saturday (for a change) 9 September. Starting from the Elan Valley, we’ll head up a track above the Claerwen reservoir and across the occasionally boggy, usually tussocky top to the little-visited natural lake, Llyn Carw (Deer Lake).  After pausing to look for Spring Quillwort and Shoreweed, neither of which is known […]

Members’ July walk: Pumlumon Fawr. Third time lucky!

The next members’ walk will be on Sunday 16 July, up to Stallions’ Crag on Pumlumon Fawr.  If this sounds familiar it is because we had intended to do it in April but for family and then weather reasons it had to be postponed.  For full details, see the original post here.  And as usual, […]

Survey on terms for the release of game birds into the wild

NRW is currently consulting on the terms of a proposed licensing scheme for pheasants and red-legged partridges which are released into the wild for sport.  The Society has responded to the consultation, which runs until 20 June 2023, but Members may also wish to respond individually – especially in those parts of the Cambrian Mountains […]

Seen any upland birds recently?

Liam Johnson, a third-year undergraduate at University of Cumbria, is researching human impacts on upland bird species of conservation interest. Clearly, this is as pertinent to the birds of the Cambrian Mountains as to the Lakelands around his college – almost more so, since the number of human visitors to our hills is inching up, […]

April webinar: red squirrels ahoy!

Remoteness is one of the top 10 qualities of the Cambrian Mountains, and many of the residents like it that way.  High on the list of those valuing their privacy are the red squirrels, the native species now driven to extinction in much of the British Isles by the larger, aggressive and disease-spreading grey squirrels.  […]

CMS sweatshirts and polo shirts for sale

CMS sweatshirts and polos shirts are available via mail order. See the advert below for details. Why not buy one today, and spread the word about our society?

Agroecological farming opportunity?

Following on from our Regenerative Farming webinar, members may be interested to learn that the Resilient Green Spaces programme team in Wales have announced £100,000 of available funding to support the purchase of farmland for agroecological farming with long-term community benefit. The aim is to provide new and ongoing opportunities for new entrant agroecological farmers. […]