Mining and geology

Our recording of July’s excellent webinar with Professor David James explaining the economics, geology and (lack of) science behind the scattering of mines optimistically built in the Cambrians over the ages, is available above.  And, if viewing (or remembering) it leaves you wanting more then we’re pleased to say the Cambrian Mines Trust has agreed […]

April Webinar Video: Red Squirrel Project

Our latest video was an informative look at the status of red squirrels in mid-Wales including an outstanding tip on how to distinguish reds from greys – hint: it isn’t all about fur colour – and an insight into the difficulties of assessing populations caused by squirrels who don’t visit cameras, and some who seem […]

February Webinar Video: Dark Cambrian Skies

What could be more “away from it all” than the night sky? And yet, for much of the UK population the stars and galaxies are invisible due to the cloak of light pollution: from towns, industrial complexes and even individual houses with their security lights. In our February webinar, Professor Martin Griffiths explained some of […]

January Webinar Video: Interpreting Place Names

Here is the recording of our January 2023 webinar, on Place names in the Cambrian Mountains. Map reading in the Cambrian Mountains is a totally different experience for those who understand their Welsh topographic terms.  “Most Welsh place names are very transparent for Welsh speakers, even if the area is unfamiliar to them”, explains Dr […]

October Webinar Video: regenerative farming, local champions

With major changes in the offing as to the UK’s trade agreements around the world and the approach of the Sustainable Farming Scheme as successor to Glastir and the CAP farming subsidies regime, food production and security is a key issue not just for the Cambrian Mountains and mid-Wales, but for the whole nation. Farmers […]

Webinar Video – Ecology of streams and rivers

On 6 September we had an excellent and informative presentation from Professor Steve Ormerod introducing the findings from his 40 years of work studying the streams and rivers of the Cambrians around Llyn Brianne.  The conclusions were encouraging: with enough care, many of the changes already caused by acidification and rising temperatures can be mitigated.  […]

Webinar Video – AONB

Here’s the link to the recording of our AONB webinar – well, most of it.  Purely by human error the recording was not started for about the first 10 minutes, during which Phil Holden explained: the background of the designated landscapes movement from John Muir’s fight to save the giant redwoods of Yosemite in the […]

Webinar Video – available online via YouTube – The economics of windpower

In March, Professor Gordon Hughes gave us a fascinating talk entitled: ‘The economics of wind power: is it worth giving up the landscape?’ A recording of this webinar is now available on our YouTube channel, via this link: