Cetraria islandica

Beware of what you wish for, they say: – we wished for dry weather for our lichen outing and we’ve got it, but with a high likelihood of considerable cold too.

We’ll meet with the team from Welsh Lichens on Saturday 13th January at 10 am. Share cars where possible as there are limited parking spaces at the roadside at Maesnant SN 77623 88055.


From there we’ll head up west aiming for  the lesser summit Pumlumon Fach  rather than the very top at Pumlumon Fawr.   The main image above shows one of the lichens we’ll be looking for: the misleadingly named “Iceland moss” (Cetraria islandica (last recorded there 2007)).

The point here is not a walk as such but a lichen exploration, so how much ground we cover, and how long it takes, depends on what we find (and how cold we get – no blame for anyone who wishes to drop out at any point!).   Dress warmly, with good boots, gloves, waterproofs, hot flasks etc.  And please let Lorna know by email on secretary@cambrian-mountains.co.uk by Friday night, if you are planning to join us.