Liam Johnson, a third-year undergraduate at University of Cumbria, is researching human impacts on upland bird species of conservation interest. Clearly, this is as pertinent to the birds of the Cambrian Mountains as to the Lakelands around his college – almost more so, since the number of human visitors to our hills is inching up, though thankfully still nowhere near the crowds which throng the Lakes year-round.

Liam would very much welcome your help with his dissertation project by completing an online questionnaire.

Liam writes: “I am inviting you to participate in this research by completing the following survey. This survey seeks to answer several conservation questions related to the human impact on upland bird populations by identifying public awareness of upland birds and their conservation, the willingness to support conservation of upland ecosystems and finally, the overall impact of the public’s activity on these ecosystems. The series of questions should take 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you for taking your time to assist me with my research.”

To participate, please follow this link to view the survey. Survey closes 10th April 2023.