September’s walk will be on Saturday (for a change) 9 September. Starting from the Elan Valley, we’ll head up a track above the Claerwen reservoir and across the occasionally boggy, usually tussocky top to the little-visited natural lake, Llyn Carw (Deer Lake).  After pausing to look for Spring Quillwort and Shoreweed, neither of which is known elsewhere in Breconshire, the walk cuts back across the top to the head of the Afon Rhiwnant with its delightful series of waterfalls and intriguing series of ruined mines – and some interesting-coloured  spoil heaps and mosses.

Depending on the water level on the day, we either cross the Rhiwnant at a ford or take a bit of a detour to use the footbridge (which, mysteriously, does not connect to a visible path) and follow the farm track back down to the confluence with the Clearwen.

11.4 km and 288m of elevation, all told (excluding the possible detour).  See the Members’ email for full details – and don’t forget to let Lorna know if you  intend to come along.

Suggestions for a suitable poem to be read either at the Llyn or at any of the mines, welcome!