Remoteness is one of the top 10 qualities of the Cambrian Mountains, and many of the residents like it that way.  High on the list of those valuing their privacy are the red squirrels, the native species now driven to extinction in much of the British Isles by the larger, aggressive and disease-spreading grey squirrels.  The success of the Anglesey project to eradicate grey squirrels and boost the local red population has rightly been widely celebrated.  But although not sharing Anglesey’s advantage of being a physical island, the Cambrian Mountains have managed to shelter an important residual population of reds despite the arrival of the first greys in Rhandirmwyn in the 1950s.  Individuals are regularly sighted throughout the focal area, from Llanddewi Brefi and Pontrhyfendigaid to Llanwrtyd Wells and Llandovery.

In this free webinar, Sarah Purdon, Red Squirrel Project officer, will describe the status of the red squirrel population, explain the research which has been done on its origins and genetic significance and set out the measures which landowners are taking to try to support population growth – as well as the opportunities for individuals to help monitor.

When: 27 April 2023, 7pm

Where: online

Tickets: available on Eventbrite from 12 noon on 23 February until 5pm on 26 April.