What could be more “away from it all” than the night sky? And yet, for much of the UK population the stars and galaxies are invisible due to the cloak of light pollution: from towns, industrial complexes and even individual houses with their security lights. In our February webinar, Professor Martin Griffiths explained some of the fallacies that lead to this ever-increasing glare of light leaking upwards and sideways into the skies – and how simple some of the solutions can be.

The Cambrians have the marvellous quality of darkness over most of their range. Where better to recapture the sense of our littleness and the fleetingness of our worries, relative to the solitary planet we inhabit, and the vastness of space in which it floats? And if you are unsure what you could be looking out for, or indeed are already looking at, Martin recommended you could try NASA’s free app the Stellarium