The numbers of many upland birds in Wales have declined in recent decades. After discussion with professional ornithologists the CMS trustees have decided to encourage its members to note any sightings of particular species made while they are out in the hills. A list of species of special significance can be seen here:
Cambrian Mountains list of birds to record

If you are willing to take part please make a note of the species, date and time, location (1 km grid square will suffice), and any details, eg. how many birds, a nest, found dead, etc. Please pass the information via BirdTrack ( on the British Trust for Ornithology’s website and register to submit the details. BirdTrack is an ideal scheme to log casual observations and the data can be assessed by those carrying out more intensive studies in the Cambrian Mountains.

While many members might not call themselves expert ornithologists/birders we know that many will be sufficiently confident in identifying birds to contribute information which would otherwise go unrecorded.

Any comments on this proposal will be welcomed.