Bywyd gwyllt



Thirteen of Wales seventeen Priority Species can be found in the Cambrians: Water Vole, Hedgehog, Brown Hare, Otter, Pine Marten, Dormouse, Polecat, Bats (Noctule, Common Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle, Brown long-eared, Lesser Horseshoe), and Red Squirrel.  The Vincent Trust have been running a translocation/reintroduction programme for the Pine Marten with signs of successful breeding and many sightings on camera traps especially in the Devils Bridge, Pontrhydygroes area.

The native Red Squirrel has clung on as a small, genetically distinct population in the Tywi Forest area and the Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership are attempting to encourage its expansion.

A national Water Vole mapping project in 2020 identified Elan across to the Tywi Forest as a key regional area where populations are likely to persist longer term.

Woodlands and old mines in the Cambrians provide good habitat for bats. The complex system of underground mine workings at Cwmystwyth SSSI is the best known location in Ceredigion for hibernating bats (Daubenton’s, Natterer’s, Brown long-eared, Whiskered/Brandts) are regularly present during the winter months.

With so many rivers and streams in the area, otters can be found quite widely and are a Key Species of the river SACs.


Pine marten: photograph courtesy Jason Hornblow/www.jchphoto.co.uk


Red Squirrels are sometimes seen in the Cambrians, where the MidWales Red Squirrel Project is working to conserve the population. Photo courtesy of Vincent Wildlife Trust/Lizzie Croose


Daubenton’s bat roosting in a crack in a stone bridge in the Cambrians