Peatland Preservation & Flood / River Basin Management

Strategaethau mawndir a rheoli llifogydd


The Cambrian Mountains include a substantial volume of peatland and already play an important role in flood management.

Pumlumon alone is a considerable catchment, covered in large areas of blanket bog and forest, together acting as a sponge for the high rainfall across the area.  For many years the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology has had a major research project based on this important catchment.

The Elenydd, a huge upland block, sometimes referred to as ‘the green desert’,  comprises a combination of expansive blanket bog, bordered by coniferous plus native deciduous woodland.  In this block lie Dwr Cymru’s reservoirs such as the Elan Valley system and Llyn Brianne.

Mynydd Mallaen is a large upland dome clothed in a tapestry of water retaining heath, unimproved grassland and blanket bog.

Peat bogs are a most important archive documenting human activity in the Cambrian Mountains. Despite their archaeological and ecological importance, they are an undervalued and diminishing resource, with many hectares having been lost during construction of Cefn Croes wind power station.