Members who attended the Society’s AGM last month contributed to an excellent, constructive debate around the Society’s policy on wind farms in the Cambrians, and a revised draft will be circulated for comment in due course.  There was no disagreement with the proposition that reducing demand has to be a key objective rather than endlessly increasing supply, and reducing heat wastage is a good way to deliver towards that.

Thanks, therefore, to our friends at Cardiff Civic Society for a nudge to respond to the Welsh Government’s consultation on its proposed Heat Strategy for Wales, which closed yesterday.  Obviously, this is relevant both to the needs of the communities living in the Cambrian Mountains and to the interests of developers seeking to install new energy parks, since the main thrust of the draft Strategy appears to be to transition all of Wales’ housing to heat pumps – thereby increasing the demand for electricity as part of the search for a decarbonised society.  You can see our response here: CMS response to Wales Heat Strategy.